Prospanica Webinar Series: The New Latina Code: Collaborative, Disruptive Leadership

The New Latina Code: Collaborative, Disruptive Leadership

Before, Latinas were told that leadership was for other people.  The glass ceilings were transparent, but they were also strong.  Now, Latinas have begun to assume positions of influence.  They are responsive, innovative, and hungry for results.  How can Millennial Latinas and experienced professional Latinas connect with each other to accelerate everyone’s leadership potential?  What can women achieve when combining experience, skills, and wisdom with innovative resources, energy and talent?  Join this webinar with successful Latinas to explore how women of all ages can navigate culture—corporate, Latino, and generational—to encourage, inspire, and promote each other.

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  Moderator: Ivette Mayo, founder & CEO of Yo Soy I Am, LLC
  Panelist: Evelyn Torres, founder & CEO of Solaris Technologies, Inc.
  Panelist: Dr. Isaura González, founder & CEO of Latina Mastermind
  Panelist: Laura Gómez, founder & CEO of Atipica