Prospanica Webinar Series: Latino Masculinity in Today’s Corporate Culture

Latino Masculinity in Today’s Corporate Culture

Historically, corporate America and society in general have favored males, but recent conversations on masculinity have demanded attention and altered the traditional landscape.  This has changed how we understand leadership and masculinity itself within the corporate space.  As men adapt, what does a new understanding of masculinity mean for Latino men who want to be corporate leaders?  How can we highlight our diverse strengths without the traditional male bravado?  And how can we reach greater corporate success by leveraging relationships rather than an assumed masculine authority?

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  Moderator: Jeffrey Vargas, Founder and President of Generationology LLC
  Panelist: Jason Rosario, Founder of The Lives of Men
  Panelist: Mark Madrid, CEO of the Latino Business Action Network
  Panelist: Dr. George Bermudez, Core Faculty & Director of the  Child /Family Studies Specialization at Antioch University-Los Angeles