About Prospanica


Be the leading catalyst for Hispanic professional achievement


To empower and enable Hispanic professionals to achieve their full educational, economic, and social potential.

Vivid Description

Hispanics will share in the affluence of the United States in proportion to their share of the population, as they attain higher education and leadership positions in record numbers. The entire country will be stronger as a result of greater participation from the Hispanic community.

Who We Are

Prospanica has advocated for Hispanic business professionals for 30 years. Since our founding as the National Society of Hispanic MBAs in 1988, we’ve hosted annual career and professional development conferences, connecting thousands of Hispanics to graduate programs, subject matter experts, corporations, and each other.  Prospanica has given over $8 million in scholarships for graduate education, and many of those recipients have led our professional chapters and university chapters across the US and Puerto Rico, advancing diversity causes in their own communities. In 2016, as Hispanics continued to occupy a growing portion of the nation’s demographics, we rebranded as Prospanica to broaden our mission to serve all Hispanic professionals.

Invest in the future today. Join Prospanica as we impact the Hispanic community and the greater United States through education, career advancement and leadership.  Join us today!

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